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COVID-19- Tarrant County Stay At Home Order- Mar 24,2020

Tarrant County has issued a stay at home order except for Essential Businesses.
Essential Business: Section d. Paragraph IX  REAL ESTATE  “Services related to current real estate transactions. As much business as possible shall be conducted with web-based technology to limit in-person contact.”
The Board staff will be working from home but we will continue with the services below. 
We are answering the phones during working hours 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM to serve you and answer your questions.
Lockboxes:  They will be issued by APPOINTMENT ONLY  between 10-11:00 AM or 2-3:00 PM, call 817 701-2490 in advance to set appointment.  We will prepare the necessary paperwork to issue the box prior to your arrival.  When you arrive at the Office, call again and we will bring it to the door.  You may pay by credit card or check.

Leaving the Board membership and need to turn in your Key or Lockboxes, follow instructions for Lockboxes above.
Board Store is closed.
Open Houses violate the stay at home order.
We encourage virtual showings. 
Xpress Key exchange has been postponed until further notice.  Your key will continue to work.   
If everyone will follow the instructions that are issued by their County Officials, we will get through this sooner.  If we don’t follow instructions, it will take longer but we will win this battle.

Can Unlicensed Persons Perform Inside Sales? Maybe and Maybe Not

Brokers and sales agents often use unlicensed personnel for assistance in conducting their real estate brokerage activities. Such unlicensed persons, sometimes referred to as administrative assistants, can be of great help to a busy agent. However, care must be taken to ensure that the unlicensed person does not conduct any of the activities for which a real estate license is required. This article defines some of those activities which may and may not be legally conducted by unlicensed persons.

Sections 1101.351(a) and 1101.758 of The Real Estate License Act establish that it is a crime for an unlicensed person to engage in activity for which a real estate license is required. The broker or sales agent that employs an unlicensed person might be criminally charged for the crime as well. In addition, TREC may take disciplinary action against a broker or sales agent that pays or associates with an unlicensed person who engages in activities that require a real estate license. Authority for this disciplinary action is set out in Sections 1101.652(b)(11) and (26) of the License Act. For these reasons, it is important to distinguish between those activities that do and those that do not require a real estate license. Section 1101.002(1)(A) of the License Act sets forth a list of activities that require a license and are worthy of a close reading.

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