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A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share the same interests, activities or business.....

Tips for using Social Media

  • Set aside a small amount of time each day & use the Internet to your advantage
  • Stay right in front of possible sellers and buyers, association members
  • Use links to you email, websites and more
  • Keep things short and to the point, don't ramble

Sharing short bites of information with our followers (members).



ARBOR posts photos of recent events, education class information and general info.


ARBOR's Video Channel on YouTube
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AnnounceMyMove is a complete Social Networking and Viral Marketing tool that introduces an agent to their client’s contacts and helps them reconnect with past clients and prospects in a personal way.  Using a simple questionnaire, an agent creates a custom web-based announcement for their listing, open house, client move, and more. 

SocialMadeSimple makes growing your business easy by:

  • Combining all your social network accounts into one, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Providing free guidance, plans, and grades to learn to use social media more effectively
  • Giving you hand-selected real estate content, ready to share with your networks
If you haven’t already tried SocialMadeSimple, the first all-in-one social network marketing service designed for real estate and mortgage professionals, now is the time. Try it free for 30 days, and you’ll see just how fast and easy SocialMadeSimple really is. It's only $14 per month after your trial. Or, until the end of the summer, Texas REALTORS® can pay just $99 for a whole year—almost 45% off of the normal price!