The Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee is your voice in Texas.  Getting involved in ensures that TREPAC supports political candidates who:

  • protect homeowner rights
  • issues affecting REALTORS®
  • the real estate economy

Your voluntary help and\or donation DOES make a difference. Ask anyone on the TREPAC Committee how you can help or how easy it is to make a donation when you pay your dues or attend an ARBOR TREPAC event.

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NAR Action Center App (iPhone, iPad)
Great for AEs. Access top political stories from the REALTOR® Action Center, Washington Report and online dynamic reports to track your state and local REALTOR® Party engagement and Call for Action participation.

Governmental Affairs \ Advocacy

Keeping abreast of local, state, and national government issues pertaining to real estate and property ownership is an important part of a REALTOR's professional growth and well-being.

Interviewing political candidates at all governmental levels is important when candidates look for our organizations support and recommendations. How local and state representatives vote on real property and homeowner issues are front and center to ARBOR members.

The REALTOR Call To Action Center plays a vital role in getting important information directly to our REALTOR members so they can contact their government representative on their position.



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Find out how REALTORS® use their voices to support the REALTOR® Party by responding to NAR's Calls for Action! Let Congress know how powerful the REALTOR® Party is!

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The Texas Association of REALTORS® and TREPAC can point to a long string of successes. Here are just a few recent examples:


How Texas REALTORS® can invest

Texas REALTORS® can make TREPAC investments online with a credit card through or your Local Association. It's a safe, easy way to invest in your future . Your local association/board will receive credit for your online investment, and within a couple weeks your year-to-date total investment level will be reflected in your "My TREPAC" module on Please note that the current TREPAC fundraising year ends Sept. 30, 2009. So, if you're a Texas REALTOR® who cares about your industry and your future livelihood, please invest today!

Transportation taxation–stopping unfair taxes on your car
During the 80th Texas Legislature, we prevailed in exempting your personal auto from ad-valorem taxation. And with overwhelming passage of Proposition 6 in the November 2007 constitutional election, you'll never have to worry about this unfair tax again. Spread the word to fellow Texas REALTORS®. Let them know what their TREPAC dollars save them. Learn more about mixed-use vehicle taxation in Texas.

Property Appraisal Reform
Property appraisal is a thorny issue at best and promises to be the subject of much debate for a very long time. Any reform will directly affect your business–the only question is how. We've made progress but we have a long way to go toward making Texas a better place for private-property owners. A strong TREPAC helps to ensure that we have a place at the legislative negotiating table. Learn more about appraisal reform in Texas.

Don't let a Transfer Tax on Property Sales Happen
The ugly truth about transfer taxes is that they are proposed every year. That's because they are seen as an easy solution to boost government revenue. There were more than 11 new attempts in this last legislative session alone. But transfer taxes raise the cost of purchasing homes. Some buyers are priced out of the market, meaning no commission at all. Others pressure you to cover some of their high costs by lowering your commission. Your continued TREPAC support helps to fight proposals like these and make Texas more affordable to live in. Learn more about real estate transfer taxes in Texas

Legislators want to put a Services Tax on your commissions!
The last time our state was dealing with a deficit, in 2003, legislators considered a new tax on services. It would extend the state sales tax to all services listed on the HUD-1, including your commissions. And now, it's looking like we'll be faced with a deficit again during the next legislative session. Your help ensures a strong TREPAC to fight a statewide tax. Learn more about tax on services in Texas.  Learn more about real estate transfer taxes in Texas