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Zillow Issues- Give Your Feedback!

  • NTREIS Board of Directors met in November to consider two proposals from Zillow;
    • One was Bridge Interactive- a single source Input API to be developed and implemented by Zillow for NTREIS Users (Brokers) to input listing data into Bridge, that will then feed to MLS, syndication etc.
      • Is it needed? Will Brokers use it? Will it cost Brokers to use it (extra from MLS)?
      • What will Zillow do with the data stored indefinitely?
    • The second was, Zillow requested modification to the present Zillow data feed to get Sold Price data. Zillow offered $500,000 to NTREIS over a 3 year period, then no-cost. Zillow said this would enhance their “Zestimates’” by having sold data.
      • Do brokers want to enhance and improve Zillow’s performance?
      • Zillow will have sold price data, is cost fair? What will Zillow do with the sold data?
      • How will improving Zillow help brokers in this market?

      Here is a direct link to a NTREIS Feedback form... give them your opinion, Yes or No to the Zillow issues facing members by February. 



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