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How to choose an agent to list your home


As many people have discovered, trying to sell a home on your own can be a challenging, stressful event. If you’re considering selling your home, talk to a Texas Realtor to make the process easier and less nerve-racking.


But how do you go about choosing a listing agent or broker? There’s more to this choice than meets the eye. Asking the right questions will enable you to select the best representative for you.


The difference that matters

There’s a common misconception that all real estate salespeople in our state are Texas Realtors.


Texas Realtors are real estate licensees who also belong to the National Association of Realtors, the Texas Association of Realtors, and most belong to a local association, as well. These are not just membership or networking clubs. Specifically, Realtors are bound by a strict code of ethics that stresses equal treatment for all parties. Those holding only a state license have no such code.


So how do you find out if your agent is a Texas Realtor? That’s easy; you ask.


Don’t base it just on dollars

When considering the financial implications of hiring an agent, it may be a mistake to choose your representative based solely on the lowest agent commission. Agents charge differently and provide different levels of service. Make sure you know what you’re getting.


It’s also not always the best idea to go with the agent who suggests the highest asking price. Obviously, you want to get as much for your home as possible, but neither you nor your listing agent determines what the buyer is willing to pay. An agent who prices a home too high to secure a listing isn’t doing you any favors.


If a tree falls in the forest …

Suppose your house is beautifully remodeled and priced to sell. What good is that if no one sees it?


Ask your agent how he plans to market your property. Agents have different strengths that may include the Internet, MLS, a property web site, open houses, staging, and other means. Make sure you’re comfortable with the marketing efforts planned for your property.


Staying in touch

One of the most important questions you can ask of your agent is how she’ll stay in touch with you. You may prefer e-mail, text message, social network messages or a good old-fashioned phone call.


Also, be clear about how much you want to hear from your Texas Realtor. If you expect updates on a specific schedule, let her know. Everyone will be happier.


Ask around

Finally, you don’t have to go with the first Texas Realtor you talk to. Don’t be afraid to interview more than one agent. There are lots of us out here to assist you, and we each have our own style, personality, strengths, and business models.


Contact a Texas Realtor today. Asking for help selling your home is not a sign of weakness; it indicates you want things done right and you’ve opted for a professional.


For more information on real estate in the North Texas area, I invite you to visit – the consumer-oriented site maintained by The Arlington Board of REALTORS®.