Important Changes to Our MLS System


ARBOR\EH Broker and REALTOR Members,

There are several changes to our MLS that have been approved by the NTREIS User Group. These changes will be implemented very shortly, so it may be advisable to make persons responsible for adding or editing listings aware of the new changes coming.

1. Office Supervisor field on a listing will be mandatory. (it has been an option). This field requirement is a name. Brokers - please advise your agents of the name that needs to be inserted in this field. On existing listings, please complete this field when ANY edit or change takes place. This change will be very shortly.

2. MLS Areas\SubAreas will soon be removed.  i.e. Area 87-SW Arlington - NTREIS did not have the capability to update Area map boundaries, therefore there were many inaccuracies.- This field is required until we receive notice from NTREIS of removal.

3. Listing agents will soon be required to "verify" proper mapping of the listing using the map input area when adding\editing listings. Note: it has always been the responsibility of the listing agent for proper mapping.

4. A new Display is being created to mimic the Agent\Brief No Photo with a Display of Agent Brief w\Photo

5. A completely new feature group will soon be added for Lake\Waterfront listings. This feature group will combine features that are presently in other groups to a new group specifically for lake\waterfront properties. This will enhance search capabilities for agents looking for specific waterfront features.


If you have any questions regarding these changes, please call Tom or Erica @ 817-701-2490  or email us at or When these changes go "live" we will send a Notice as soon as possible.